Where in the World Will They Go?

Follow Rollins spring breakers as they travel across the U.S. and abroad for trips of a lifetime.

Spring break usually conjures up images of parties on sunny beaches. But more and more, Rollins students are using their break time to earn course credit through unique field studies. And some are using their time to voluntarily immerse themselves in service-learning trips—experiences that are both impactful for them and for others.

You can follow the adventures of these Rollins spring breakers on Facebook and on Instagram as they travel across the world starting February 27.

(Illustrations by Tom May) (Illustrations by Tom May)

1. HeARTS in Motion: Art Therapy in Early Education
Austin, Texas

February 28 – March 8 │ Alternative Spring Break Immersion

Rollins students will explore the importance and impact of preserving the arts for today’s children. They will serve alongside schools, cultural centers, and organizations that provide vital access to art education and art therapy to people of all ages.

2. Bayou Restoration… By You! Natural Disaster Relief and Restoration
New Orleans, Louisiana

February 28 – March 8 │ Alternative Spring Break Immersion

A decade after Hurricane Katrina caused severe destruction along the Gulf coast, students will travel to New Orleans—one of the hardest hit cities—to examine the progress of the city’s recovery efforts and the impact the disaster has left on the community. They will also participate in wetland restoration and rebuilding projects.

3. Selma: The Struggle for Racial Equality, Past and Present
Selma, Alabama

March 3 – 9 │ Spring Break Field Study

Fifty years ago, civil rights activists were beaten by police in Selma, Alabama, during a march for voting rights. “Bloody Sunday” led to the passage of the Voting Rights Act and is remembered today as a turning point in the struggle for racial equality. Students will gain a deeper understanding of the civil rights movement and the people who made it. They will also explore ongoing problems of poverty, discrimination, and disenfranchisement.

4. Rollins (Re)Discovers Cuba: Preservation and Restoration
Havana, Cuba

February 27 – March 9 │ Spring Break Field Study

Students will get an extensive overview of Cuban culture and economics with a focus on urban and rural preservation and restoration. They will spend time in Havana visiting the city’s important cultural and political sites and will examine urban planning, art, music, and dance. They will also travel to Las Terrazas, Topes de Collante, Trinidad, and Cienfuegos for environmental and social service activities.

5. Leh Dey Be Light: Let There Be Light on Cultural Preservation of the Gullah Tribe
St. Helena Island and Charleston, South Carolina

February 28 – March 8 │ Alternative Spring Break Immersion

Across the United States, small pockets of culturally rich communities are fighting to preserve their fragile and unique cultures. Students will meet the Gullah/Geechee people, a unique tribe in South Carolina, and will join their efforts for cultural preservation through environmental, educational, and political avenues.

6. Home Sweet Home: The American Dream from the Base of the Economic Mountain
Boone, North Carolina

February 28 – March 8 │ Alternative Spring Break Immersion

In remote communities of the United States, people are more intimately connected with their neighbors and their environment, which creates many unique opportunities and challenges. Students will travel to the mountains to serve alongside tight-knit rural communities to address the disparities that come along with geographic isolation.

7. Service Immersion in the Bahamas
Abaco, Bahamas

February 28 – March 8 │ Combined Alternative Spring Break Immersion and Spring Break Field Study

Students will travel to Great Abaco Island to look into the everyday, textured life that exists beyond the more common tourist images of the Bahamas. They will work closely with the students and teachers at a school for children with special needs and participate in lesson planning for the areas of technology, art, and music. Follow the blog here.

8. Back to the Future: An International Field Study
Dublin, Ireland and Edinburgh, Scotland

February 27 – March 10 │ Spring Break Field Study

Students in two linked English classes—Americana and Going Medieval—will explore the nature of travel, souvenirs, history, and nation. As a complement to local trips throughout the semester to places like Disney World and Weeki Wachee, this field study takes students across the Atlantic to castles, medieval ruins, monasteries, and medieval-themed tourist attractions. Students will look to the past and ask themselves how the stories told about figures from William Wallace to Elvis Presley construct our cultural present.  

9. Lively Arts in London
London, England

February 27 – March 8 │ Spring Break Field Study

Students will have the chance to trek around London to visit art museums and see performances in world-renowned theatres. The checklist of destinations includes museums like The National Gallery, Tate Modern, British Museum, and the Courtauld, and performances at The National Theatre, The Royal Court Theatre, and the West End (London’s theater district).

10. Global Research and Study Project
Brussels, Belgium and London, England

February 28 – March 7 │ Crummer Graduate School of Business, PMBA

Studying the effects of cultural influences on business is one thing; seeing them in action is another. Business students enrolled in INTL 605 Global Research and Study Project (GRASP) will study the challenges and opportunities of doing business in Western Europe—and specifically in Belgium and England—where the former joined the euro zone, and the latter did not.