Rollins Congratulates Award Winners of 2015

This month, Rollins College honored students and graduating seniors with special awards and recognition.

On April 13, Rollins College presented special awards and recognition to members of the Class of 2015 at the Academic Honors and Awards Convocation.

Outstanding Senior Scholar Awards

Expressive Arts Division
Alexandra Maria Feliciano

Humanities Division
Moshe Dahaman

Science and Mathematics Division
Nikki Marie Etchenique

Social Sciences Division
Shelby Kathleen McGuire

College of Professional Studies
Meredith E. Lax
Hillary L. Urquhart


Arts & Sciences and Expressive Arts



Music Department Community Service Award
Rebecca Joy Adams
Elodie Saraina Germain
Caitrona Elizabeth Kagan

Outstanding Achievement in Choral Music
Lauren Danielle Clark
Sarah Lyn Kendall
Caitriona Elizabeth Kagan
Gabrielle Robin Pitchford
Maria Garcia Rivero

Outstanding Student Conductor
Lauren Danielle Clark

Pi Kappa Lamda Recipients
Eric Andrew Heumann
Sarah Belle Joseph
Elizabeth M. Ridgway

Ralph Lyman Baldwin Award
Eric Andrew Heumann

Outstanding String Performer
Elizabeth Maralyn Ridgway

The Senior Citation Award
Lauren Danielle Clark
Andrew M. Goring
Sarah Belle Joseph
Sarah Lyn Kendall
Greer Thompson

Theatre Arts and Dance

Award for Outstanding Achievement in Theatre
Sarah Elizabeth Clark
Alexandra Maria Feliciano

The Fred Stone Theatre Award
Alexios Venieris

The G. Thomas Wells Award
Molly Johnson Finnegan

The Spirit of Spontaneity Award
Alexandra Maria Feliciano

The William R. Rice Memorial Award
Christopher James Stewart
Cameron Stewart Spaulding

S. Joseph Nassif Award
Crysta Marie Vickers
Rebecca Joy Kleinman



Classical Studies

The Outstanding Senior Major Award in Classical Studies
Rachel D. Cooke
Mallory Lynn Pigmon

The Outstanding Senior Minor Award in Classical Studies
Christina Manuela Schanche-Perret

Critical Media and Cultural Studies

The Award for Outstanding Critical Media and Cultural Studies Major
Nicolette Blair Hussey
Alyssa Mae Rhinehart

English and Writing

The Barbara Lawrence Alfond Award
Zachary James Uliasz
Maria Teresa Agurcia Duron

The Grace Barlow Award
Amanda Lauren McRae

The Howard Fox Literary Prize
Karli Michelle Knowles
Amanda Lauren McRae
David J. Matteson

Howard Fox Thesis Award
Meredith Ann Connelly
Tian Sang

Marian Folsom, Jr. Award
Salvatore William Marotta

Nina O. Dean Award
Faithe Drew Galloway
Sophie Paulette Jupilla

Modern Languages and Literatures

Le Comte du Nouys Award
Meredith Ann Connelly

The Award for Outstanding Achievement in French
Meredith Ann Connelly

Outstanding Academic Achievement Award in German
Shelby Kathleen McGuire

The Espana Award
Juan Carlos Jimenez

Outstanding Academic Achievement Award in Spanish
Lalitha Lauren Kasal

Philosophy and Religion

Bruce B. Wavell Award
Cory Kinsley Delone

Senior Outstanding Achievement in Religious Studies
Ashton A. Lange

Science and Mathematics


Biochemistry/Molecular Biology

Award for Outstanding Achievement in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Courtney Danielle Reddig


Award for Outstanding Achievement in Biology
Kelsey Anne Oonk


American Institute of Chemists’ Outstanding Senior Chemistry Major Award
Mutya Cruz

American Chemical Society Undergraduate Award in Inorganic Chemistry
Mutya Cruz

Computer Science

Senior Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement in Computer Science
Joseph A. Young

Environmental Studies

Award for Outstanding Senior in Environmental Studies
Bethany Butori Eriksen
Carli Davis

Outstanding Student in Environmental Studies
Cashell G.Watsun
Samantha Blanco
Kristyn Gorton

Outstanding Campus Environmental Advocate
Andrew Joseph Lesmes
Heather Schleiffer

The Bill Partington Award
Trevor James Conley

Marine Biology

Award for Outstanding Achievement in Marine Biology
Rebecca Anne Hamilton


Senior Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement in Mathematics
Felipe Quiroga


Award for Outstanding Achievement in Physics
Nikki Marie Etchenique

Science and Mathematics Interdisciplinary Research

The George Allen Award
Cecelia Marie Harold
Nikki Marie Etchenique

Social Sciences



Award for Outstanding Achievement in Anthropology
Mallory Lynn Pigmon

Margaret Mead Award
Tian Sang

The Franz Boas Award for Outstanding Achievement in Anthropology
Katia S. Chadaideh

Archaeological Studies

Award for Outstanding Senior Achievement in Archaeological Studies
Mallory Lynn Pigmon


S. Truman Olin Jr. Scholastic Award
Jessica Lynn Wilson

John R. Commons Award
Jayce Joseph Breig


The Jack C. Lane Prize for Outstanding Achievement in History
Sydney Paige Marshall

International Business

Award for Outstanding Senior and Service in International Business
Evan Jonathan Greenbaum

The Thomas Lairson Award
Erin Lynn Mullen

Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Frederick A. Hauk Award
Bethany Butori Eriksen

Political Science

Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement in Political Science
Brian Thomas Barnett

Deming Award
Marco Anthony Hoilett
Kelsey Marie Uhl

Pi Sigma Alpha Award
Ariella M. Lvov


Martin E. Farkash Award for Outstanding Contribution to Community Mental Health
Cassandra Anne Backovsky

Outstanding Research Award in Psychology
Elie William Gottlieb

Outstanding Service Award in Psychology
Stephanie Nicole Schweighardt

The Roger D. Ray Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement in Psychology
Rachel Leah Vlahov
Stephanie Nicole Schweighardt


Outstanding Academic Achievement in Sociology Award
Erika Hoshi

C. Wright Mills Award in Sociology
Breanna Marie Rack

College of Professional Studies



Award for Outstanding Communication Studies Major
David Alexander Daubert

Award for Outstanding Communication Studies Minor
Faithe Drew Galloway


Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement in Elementary Education
Megan Matthews
Hillary Laine Urquhart

Interdisciplinary Programs


Asian Studies

Award for Outstanding Achievement in Asian Studies
Raul Alberto Carril

John Hersey Award
Katherine Elaine Tims

Global Health

The Award for Outstanding Achievement in Global and Public Health
Ashely Allison Losch

Health Professions

Health Science Achievement Award
Zoe Elizabeth Mack

The Walter B. Johnson Award
Emily Gayle Knafl

International Programs

The Brendan O’Sullivan Award
Shelby Kathleen McGuire

International Relations

Award for Honors in International Relations
Shelby Kathleen McGuire

Outstanding Graduating Senior in International Relations
Daniela Cristina Alvarado
Emma-Lee Clinger
Sean Thomas Harrell

Middle Eastern and  North African Studies

Edward Said Award
Sean Thomas Harrell

Pre-Law Advising

Colonel Richard C. Plumer Award
Chelsea Samantha Penther ’14 (fall 2014 graduate)

Sexuality, Gender, and Women’s Studies

The Susan B. Anthony Award for Campus Activism
Luz Gabriela Cabrera
Cecelia Marie Harold

The Mary McLeod Bethune Award for Promoting and Celebrating Campus Diversity
Peter Jacob Ruiz
Jamaica Dawn Reddick

The Marie Curie Research Award
Katherine Anne Barnekow

Special Honors and Awards


Community Engagement Award
Shelby Kathleen McGuire
Breanna Marie Rack

N. Ronald Pease Award
Lindokuhle Ngwenya


The Thomas P. Johnson Student Resource Center


Tutor of the Year
Jennifer So

Writing Consultant of the Year Award
Tian Sang


On April 27, Rollins College also presented awards at the Student Leadership Awards banquet to outstanding students from all current class years who have made positive contributions toward illuminating our campus and community.

Cultural Ambassador of the Year
Camilo Garzon ’16

Peer Educator of the Year
Gabriela Polanco ’17
Bernardo Pineda ’16

Community Service and Engagement Award
Breanna Rack ’15

Award for Collective Leadership
Resident Assistants of Sutton Apartments

Lifelong Rollins Spirit Award
Ashton Lange ’15
Lindokuhle Ngwenya ’15

Fraternity and Sorority Life Leader of the Year
Bradley Baker ’15
Maria Teresa Agurcia ’15

Rollins Role Model Award
Courtney Durbin ’16

Social Justice Champion of the Year
Dylan Allen ’16
Luz Gaby Cabrera ’15

Find Your Anchor Award
Marie Gilbert ’16

Student Leader of the Year
Elise Ablin ’15

Unsung Hero of the Year
Heather Schleiffer ’16
Rachel Kesler
Mallory Pigmon ’16

Intern of the Year
Elizabeth Florence ’15

Student Employee of the Year
Andrea D’Alfonso ’15

Emerging Leader of the Year
Ashley Williams ’18
Nikita Patel ’18
Ryan Colangelo ’18
Sasha Galloway ’18

Fourteen members of the Class of 2015 were also recognized at the Student Leadership Awards banquet as those who have displayed the most positive contributions to our campus and community through academics, athletics, inclusion, and campus community involvement. They are considered to be some of the most established and honorable leaders at Rollins who embody Rollins’ mission of global citizenship and responsible leadership. They have all earned an average GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Fiat Lux Award recipients

Alex Daubert
Melissa Looby
Kelsey Marie Uhl
Faithe Drew Galloway
Matthew Hendry
My Tien Doan
Bethany B. Eriksen
Shelby McGuire
Matthew Bengtson
Morgen Ashleigh Chaderton
Katia Chadaideh
Robert Salmeron
Alexandra Feliciano
Alexios Venieris

On April 28, Rollins Athletics hosted the 2015 Tommy Awards and honored stand-out Rollins student-athletes.

2015 Tommy Award Winners


Florida Hospital Community Service Award
Women’s golf

Alumni Association Senior Scholar Athlete of the Year
Jessica Wilson ’15

Newcomer of the Year
Erika Lang ’17

Phil Roach Sportsmanship Award
Marie Gilbert ’15

Find Your Anchor Award
Will Hauver ’15

Anchor Club Moment of the Year
Women’s soccer

Team of the Year
Women’s soccer

Male Athlete of the Year
Anton Bettink ’17

Female Athlete of the Year
Annie Dulman ’16