PHOTOS: How Do We Feed a Population of 9.3 Billion?

Students in a biology course titled Plants and Humanity have spent the semester exploring this question. This week, they visited SunDew Gardens, a local organic farm, to experience farming firsthand.

On Tuesday, December 2, Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology Eric Engstrom’s class, Plants and Humanity, visited SunDew Gardens, a local farm specializing in produce, fruits, and eggs. Operated by alums Tom ’79 and Robin Weis Carey ’81, SunDew Gardens grows organic produce for local consumers based on a community supported agriculture model. This was the final of three local area farms students in the course visited that focus on sustainable farming practices. It provided students the opportunity to experience farming firsthand and explore one of the main questions of the course: How do we sustainably feed a human population of 9.3 billion—the projected human population in 2050? As well as related questions, such as can organic farming supply the nutritional and caloric needs of that many people? Is this practice sustainable? Do they use pesticides? And how do you supplement soil nitrogen?