Leveraging the Power of Women in Iraq

Rollins’ partnership with Tupperware and U.S. State Department fosters female entrepreneurs in post-war Iraq.

A group of Iraqi students and academic leaders recently completed a visit to Rollins College as part of a partnership between the College, Tupperware Brands Corporation, and the U.S. State Department. The partnership, known as the Global Links program, encourages Iraqi women to become entrepreneurs and helps female college students in Iraq see themselves as leaders and mentors.

This is the third phase of the program. It was sparked by a visit to Iraq by Tupperware officials, including CEO Rick Goings ’12H and Vice President for Global Communications and Women’s Initiatives Elinor Steele-Zegelbone ’01MBA. Goings, who is on the Rollins Board of Trustees, saw a country lacking an entrepreneurial spirit and believed that women could help stimulate economic change there.

With the help of Rollins and the U.S. State Department, his initial ideas became the Global Links program. The first year focused on bringing Amel Abed Mohammed Ali, a professor of operations management at Babylon University in Iraq, to Crummer Graduate School of Business. She studied social entrepreneurship and managerial courses with the hope of inspiring female students in Iraq to enter business or show them how to help other Iraqi women start businesses.

The ongoing program has affected students from Rollins and from Iraq, said Mary Conway Dato-on, associate professor of international business at Crummer.

“The program brought students from across the world—from a nation where we were recently involved in conflict and with a significant cultural difference—together, probably for the first time, in a common vision for creating positive change in their shared world,” said Conway Dato-on, who has been instrumental in organizing the program.

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