Inside a Rollins Classroom

Find out why meaningful engagement and personalized attention matters by going behind the scenes of 27 of Rollins’ coolest classes.

You’ve fallen in love with our lakeside campus. You can’t wait to start exploring the globe on your first study abroad experience. And who wouldn’t be excited about living in one of the world’s funnest and fast-growing cities? Your #RollinsLife is shaping up to be nothing short of spectacular.

Well, guess what? You should be just as excited about your classes. After all, this is Rollins: The epicenter of engaged learning. Here, you’ll find no overflowing auditoriums, boring lectures, or uninspired professors. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. At Rollins, our intimate and personalized learning environment is designed to maximize engagement. It’s about application over memorization, mentoring over lecturing, and hands-on research over data downloading.

Find out why meaningful engagement and personalized attention matters by going behind the scenes of 27 of Rollins’ coolest classes. We have a feeling you’ll never consider skipping class again.

The Art & Science of Cell Death

Students at Rollins are discovering the new course with a macabre name is actually a high-tech, historically grounded way to merge the complementary fields of science and the liberal arts.
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The Science of Superheroes

Led by physics professor Chris Fuse, this course is dedicated to the study of superheroes—putting some of our favorite characters’ most famously unfeasible feats to the test to see what’s really possible.
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Archaeological Field School

In a swampy, secluded section of the Charles H. Bronson State Forest—about 20 miles due east of campus—Rollins students are unearthing an ancient mystery.
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Strategies for Changemakers

This hands-on course is all about learning what it really takes to become, as Gandhi encouraged us to do, the change we want to see in the world.
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Creating the Digital Future

Robots. Hackers. Self-driving cars. Emerging technologies and trends like these are transforming our world at a dizzying pace, and Rollins students are facing them head-on as they learn the ways that social forces mobilize the creation of new technology.
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Physics for Future Presidents

First-year students jump at the chance to become scientifically literate, learning how things work so they can understand why they’re important.
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The Global Economy

Students explore the economic relationship between the developed world and developing countries by partnering with a local direct-trade coffee shop.
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Students in this core environmental studies course are learning that if you want to save the world, you have to get your hands dirty.
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The Truth About Fake News

This course examines why fake news is a salient contemporary issue, what makes news legitimate or not, the consequences of the spread of fake news, and the tensions between fake news and the first amendment.
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Art in Orlando

Orlando is an ever-growing cultural hub for the visual arts, and this Intersession class takes learning to the source. The students visited seminal art institutions around the city, including Rollins’ very own Alfond Inn, the Mennello Museum of American Art, the Morse Museum, Lake Eola, and Snap! Orlando, soaking up everything from sculptures and painting to installations and public arts spaces.
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Animal Conservation

This intersession course takes students outdoors to learn about the most pressing issues threatening animal diversity.
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Film as Art

Go behind the scenes of the Rollins class designed to instill a wider appreciation of films by allowing students to engage with more than 50 features, shorts, and documentaries during the Florida Film Festival.
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AfroFantastic: Black Imagination and Agency in the American Experience

This RCC course for first-year students examines the complex social and political forces linked to Afrofuturism and culminates with an exhibition at Rollins’ Cornell Fine Arts Museum.
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Teaching Philosophy to Kids

Teaching philosophy to a group of preschoolers might seem like an exercise in futility, but Rollins students are finding that—given the right methods—young minds have great capacity to grasp complex concepts.
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Water, Sanitation, and Health in the Dominican Republic

Chemistry professor Pedro Bernal marks 20 years of leading students on trips to the island nation of his birth to provide household water filters.
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Sports Analytics

Do statistics scare you to death? A new Rollins course uses athletes as an avenue to understand complicated mathematical concepts.
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American Dreams & Nightmares in 20th-Century Literature

First-year students study how culture and context influence our values, fears, and aspirations while quite literally tracing the steps of a local icon who forged her own version of the American dream.
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Mysteries and Marvels of Piracy

Examining the social and economic impacts of pirates throughout time—from Blackbeard to black-market bit streamers.
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Winter With the Writers Internship

The festival known for bringing major literary talent to Winter Park has hit its stride this season, and we’re taking a closer look at the interns who are making it all possible.
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Incarceration and Inequality

Rollins students examine how well our country actually guarantees equal justice under the law.
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The Science of Sustenance

From finding just the right recipe for baking chocolate-chip cookies to discovering why an avocado turns brown when sliced, this class serves up an equal dose of hands-on fun and practical knowledge.
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Zombies, Serial Killers, and Madmen

Getting inside the mind of a murderer isn’t for everyone. But for those who enjoy exploring the macabre, this philosophy class doesn’t disappoint.
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Foundations in Sculpture

Connecting with their inner spirit animals, first-year students take a creative, hands-on approach to learning the foundations of a time-honored art form
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Global Peace Film Festival

Before the annual Global Peace Film Festival kicked off this fall, Rollins students worked behind the scenes to make the event a success—all while studying the films’ social messages.
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Dungeons & Dragons

From The Hobbit to Medieval Times, a course explores the fact and fiction of the Middle Ages.
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First-year students eager to dive into college get a crash course in how the world works and how they can be part of changing the narrative.
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Job Market Boot Camp

Graduating seniors don their best business attire and get intensive training on how to excel in the global workforce.
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