Cool Class: Globalization

First-year students eager to dive into college get a crash course in how the world works and how they can be a part of changing the narrative.

Photo by Luke Woodling Photo by Luke Woodling

Navigating the transition from high school to college is alone a tall order. Add to that a first-year course like Globalization—which centers on one of the 21st century’s largest and most nuanced issues—and the expectations just went up. Giving first-year students the chance to delve into complex topics like this as part of their Rollins College Conference (RCC) course is one of the core ways Rollins delivers on its mission to create global citizens and responsible leaders.

“The RCC is a model for students to understand what the collegiate experience at Rollins will look like,” says professor of political science Joan Davison. “It immediately exposes them to Rollins’ commitment to active learning, small classes, participation and debate, and the encouragement of critical thinking.”

Course Spotlight: Globalization