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In Memory of Dan Ongie

On Wednesday, the Rollins community will mourn a beloved systems administrator whose life was defined by family and service.

Academics & Research

Exploring the Roots of New Urbanism

A new book by Rollins professor Bruce Stephenson spotlights John Nolen, the legendary landscape architect and city planner whose concepts are as relevant today as they were in the 1920s.

College News

Tough Words from a Peaceful Man

Hamilton Holt’s long-forgotten monument to peace.


Cuba: The Roots of Rollins’ Global Citizenship

At the dawn of the 20th century, the College had more Cuban students than any other institution in America. Now, a changing political landscape holds promise for re-establishing close ties with the island nation.


The Secret Story of Operation Pedro Pan

More than 50 years after a little-known mass exodus of children from Cuba, Maria Martinez looks back on the plane flight that changed the course of her life—and eventually led her to Rollins College.

College News

Rollins Remembers 9/11

On the 14th anniversary, Rollins College observed a moment of silence during the College’s 9/11 memorial service.